Whether you are looking for scheduled maintenance or you have equipment that requires attention, we have a service that fits your needs.  

Safeguard is an alternative to traditional expensive manufacturer's and third party service contracts.  Safeguard replaces multiple service agreements and can generate savings between 15% and 50% each year.


  • Specialty Biomedical is now proud to be an Endorsed Partner of Texas Organization for Rural and Community Hospitals (TORCH) Management Services, Inc. Click View More News below for more information. 

  • AHA: Hospitals could lose $20B a month for rest of 2020 due to COVID-19 impact. 

We can't solve all the financial issues created by COVID-19, however, Safeguard will help.  Click View More News below for more information and a link to the article.

  • We are now offering on-site service for Alaris Medley and Abbott Plum A+ infusion devices. Click View More News below for more information.



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