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"Specialty Biomedical has been providing services to Central Texas Endoscopy Center since 2009 and has continued to be very dependable. Their knowledge and commitment to excellence and customer service is without a doubt unmatched."

Angela Ramsey

Center Director

Central Texas Endoscopy Center

"We didn't know what we were missing from our PM program until we started working with Specialty Biomedical. The depth of their testing and documentation is impressive. I don't hesitate to recommend Specialty Biomedical."

Robert York

Director of Plant Operations

Limestone Medical Center


"We have worked with Specialty Biomedical for over 13 years and are very pleased with the service they provide.  Quite a few times they have come up with solutions to our equipment problems that were more than the usual find the bad part, replace the bad part type repairs.  The service is exceptional and the staff is friendly.  They are our go to team."

Benjamin Lara, Senior Procurement Officer

University Health Services

University of Texas at Austin

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