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  • TORCH Management Services, Inc. (TMSI) announced effective June 1, 2020 the addition of a new endorsed business partner – Specialty Biomedical. All Endorsed Business Partners have gone through a thorough vetting process.  Specialty Biomedical is a preferred provider of clinical and diagnostic equipment maintenance services. Whether you are looking for preventive maintenance, repair service or cost-saving alternatives to multiple OEM/ISO service contracts, Specialty Biomedical and their Safeguard program have you covered. “As an Endorsed Business Partner, we look forward to working with TMSI to provide; comprehensive equipment maintenance solutions, reduce equipment downtime, control equipment service costs, support optimal patient outcomes and provide in-depth documentation to all TORCH members.” said David Pokora, President of Specialty Biomedical.  Click here for full article pdf.

  • Hospitals and health systems could lose $120.5 billion from July to December of this year, or roughly $20 billion a month, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a new analysis from the American Hospital Association (AHA) found.The report, released Tuesday, said that coupled with major revenue losses at the onset of the pandemic, hospitals could lose a total of $323 billion in revenue this year. The report comes as hospitals are inching towards reopening elective procedures amid spikes in COVID-19 in several sunbelt states.     Click here for full article pdf.

       Please see our CEMMS page for information on how we can reduce the effects of the COVID-19 financial crisis.

  • With the increase in the usage of IR thermometers in the healthcare industry, Specialty Biomedical can now test and calibrate IR thermometers in the field using the black target technology.  This includes not only non-contact IR thermometers, but also temporal and tympanic.

  • We can help you maintain your Alaris Medley PCs, pump, syringe and PCA modules as well as Abbott Plum A+.  We can come to your site so you do not need to ship off your pumps and wait.  We bring a stock of parts to perform repairs and PMs so you are back in service.

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