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What is "Safeguard"?

Safeguard is an alternative option to traditional expensive original equipment manufacturer’s service contracts and third-party service contracts. Safeguard replaces multiple service agreements with one agreement that can generate between 15% to 50% savings each year.

Why "Safeguard"?

Safeguard utilizes the concept of a self-insured retention, which allows your facility to pay a much smaller pre-determined contract cost, and then the rest of the money is accumulated into your self-insured retention pool.  Your self-insured retention pool dollars are there to pay for needed maintenance and repairs to your equipment.  If your total repair costs exceed what’s in your self-insured retention pool, Safeguard reimburses your facility for 100% of covered repair costs.  If your self-insured retention pool is not exceeded, your total savings for that year just got a lot bigger.  Traditional service contracts would have kept any additional monies that were not spent.

Benefits of "Safeguard".

  • Savings of 15% to 50% versus OEM service contracts.

  • Vendor Neutral – Choose your own vendors.

  • Replace existing contracts with ONE consolidated and managed agreement.

  • Provides coverage for preventative and repair maintenance, including travel, labor and parts.

  • Reimburse in-house personnel for eligible work performed.

  • Technical consultations and assistance: Parts sourcing, maintenance cost comparisons and a network of qualified vendors that provide service/parts at reduced rates compared to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

  • No pre-approval required for repairs.

  • Multi-year fixed program cost.

Here's How it Works


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How do I get started with "Safeguard"?

Call at 979.764.2706 or email us at and we will work with you to collect information and put together a comprehensive quotation that will show you how you can save.

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