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Path to Better Service

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Our Documentation

Our documentation and in-depth calibration forms set us apart from other biomedical teams.  We do not give you a simple equipment list with a checkmark in the "pass" column: but rather , we provide a form for each piece of equipment which includes:

  • Facility Information

  • Equipment ID Information

  • Parameters Measured

  • Measurement Tolerances

  • Measurement Readings

  • Test Equipment Used

Sample Form

Without this information, you are unable to know what parameters were checked or tolerances used on each piece of equipment.  

All of our documentation meets or exceeds The Joint Commision, DNV, Texas Department of Health and FDA requirements.  Please note that DNV requires all test equipment used during calibration be listed on the forms and all equipment outputs be measured and recorded.  The Joint Commission now requires that if a manufacturer calls to record a measurement, that measurement be recorded on the calibration form.  These are never a problem with our forms as we record this information on all equipment calibrations. 

a defibrillator unit isolated over a whi
Repairing of microcircute of medical equ


Specialty Biomedical is committed to transparency for our customers in all of our rates and pricing.  We challenge prospective customers to inquire their current service providers on their parts markup. 


Repair and maintenance services are available by contract or as-needed hourly.  Service rate methods include:

  • Calibration pricing per equipment type: rates available through email

  • Standard service at an hourly rate plus parts

  • Contract pricing to encompass calibration, safety testing, repair, business or after hours


Parts are acquired from the equipment manufacturer or a third party source that meets the manufacturer's specifications. Our competitive policy for part's cost is a 20% markup or $10 minimum. Repair and replacement parts may also be acquired by the client.

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